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Steve Mahoney
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Circle of 5ths - Steve

My parents have always supported my "artistic" leanings. My father sang in a swing band, and my mother is an oil painter, she worked in the theater, and art teacher in the local schools. I have been told that when I was very young an older sister of mine had a guitar. When I was crawling around on the ground I picked up the guitar and it became my new security blanket. No one could take that guitar from me without me screaming. I used to just bang on it's body and sing nonsensical lyrics. Some would argue that's what I still do to this day.

I officially started guitar lessons on my 6th birthday, and did my first public performance on guitar at age 7. I also took vocal, drum, bass, and keyboard lessons over the years.

For the last several years I have been writing music beds for radio and television commercials, movie soundtracks and studio guitarist / vocalist, producer and engineer. I have also been active on the scene in the bands Circle Of 5ths, Drone, Spectre and Beautiful Blood. Currently I am playing guitar and singing in Wings Of Innocence, Punch The Clock and Metal Health

I am a partner in a new artist development business called Circle Of 5ths Entertainment Group. We are dedicated to helping bands and artists reach their goals and dreams. This means that we will manage, consult, produce bands and artists. We intend to take these artists to new places in their careers.

So that's a brief little bit about me. I hope you like what I have here and I will have more musical adventures to add to this in the future.

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